If you are in the market for a new stair lift … let’s take a moment to talk about how to find the manufacturerand dealer you want to work with by doing some quick and easy investigative work.

First, let’s not get fooled by any internet ad that suggests you could buy a stair lift for $989. That’s just not going to happen and if it did … you probably wouldn’t want it in the first place! These are “Feeder Ads” and are intended to get you to pick up the phone and call. Chances are you’ll be told about the cutting fees, shipping fees, warranty fees, available upgrades … and most likely – the product offered is “On Backorder”.

Click. Hang up the phone. Let’s get back to our internet research strategy. We will want to do research on Negative Information as opposed to the sales hype found on the distributor’s pages. Here are two examples of simple key search terms for you to use.

  • Stair Lift Complaints
  • Stair Lift Recalls
  • Stair Lift Injuries
  • Stair Lift Failures
  • Stair Lift Safety Alerts

Next, let’s discuss what key features are important in a stair lift … and why.

Don’t be fooled by the hype about the following features (these are Federally REQUIRED components for EVERY stair lift sold in the United States)

  • Safety sensors on the footrest – required in every state
  • Seat rotates and locks 90 degrees at the top – required in every state
  • Seat belt included – required in every state
  • Remote Controls or Wired Call/Send Stations at Both Ends – required in every state
  • Folding Footrest and Seat – required in every state
  • Constant Pressure Switch (must hold switch entire time when moving) – required in every state

What you need to look for is this –

  • Lifetime Warranty on Motor AND Circuit Board … NOT a “Limited” Lifetime Warranty
  • Grease Free System – Every Rack and Pinion system requires regular greasing (every 90-120 days)
  • Access to a Service Technician 24/7

Last, but not least, ask where the stair lift is assembled or manufactured. You will more than likely be told the United States or England. Then ask if you can get a full refund if the lift arrives in boxes marked “Made or Assembled in China” or has labels attached to the unit that indicate “Made or Assembled in China”. If you can’t get that promise in writing … Click. Hang up the phone. Much of the production is shifting … and perhaps the quality as well.

If you want a stair lift that is “Made in America” – there are only three true stair lift manufacturers to choose from. Don’t be fooled by “private labels” or name changes. All three manufacturers offer both straight and curved lifts. Only ONE makes a Grease Free stair lift system. Now that we know what we are looking for – the rest is simple. Just do an internet search on “grease free stair lift with lifetime warranty on motor and circuit board”. It’s really that simple.

Good luck to you in your search … and best of health to you.